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    About Us
    Shopdiaper.com Team is located in Harbin, China. We are so pleased that many clients choose our storeto buy cloth diapers for babies. Thanks for the development of internet. It makes pretty easy for people around the world shop online. And all of your ordered items are shipped from Shenzheng, China where is our shipping det.
    Why we decide to sell cloth diapers
    In china, there are so many products for us to sell. After double considered, we make a big decision to export baby cloth diapers although that is not a rich profit business. As we know the harm of the disposable diapers in many aspects. Huge pollution to environments, Dioxin, a by-product of the paper-bleaching process, may exist in disposable.
    Common diaper rash is also a fairly wide phenomenon that comes along with disposable. Reasons for more rashes include allergies to chemicals, lack of air, higher temperatures because plastic retains body heat, and babies are probably changed less often because they feel dry when wet.
    Our Goal
    Our goal is to provide the cloth diapers better than money to mommies. As we have the rich source in material worship and factory. Maybe that is the main reason why many people buy from China directly.
    Why Our Diapers Are Cheaper?
    We do not have a retail shop, we only work online and therefore save a lot of costs on renting a shop, electricity, staff and many other costs.